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New Custom Set!
Update: This item has sold at auction. A lot of interest has been generated and I am looking into the cost and legal ramifications of selling more kits of this custom set. Stay tuned for more details...
I've created a custom set and put it up for auction on eBay. To check out the Precinct Headquarters custom set auction check out my eBay page. Also, check out the rare & discontinued page over the next couple of days for some great new finds!
Official debut date for the pilot episode of Fabuland® Housewives has been set for Wednesday, February 8th, 2006.
Added an eBay page to the shop to display my auctions. There are currently 72 LEGO® auctions with more to come. Enjoy!
Added two new pages to the Shop: Fabuland® and Rare & Discontinued. There aren't many sets there right now, but I hope there will be more there in the future. Enjoy!
Added several galleries to the Fabuland® Housewives MOCs page: Gavin & Gregor's Interior, Marty & Lila's Interior, Hunter's Pub Exterior and Bianca & Evan's Interior. Check it out and have fun!

Site Launch—Welcome to!
This is the site for nothing but fun with LEGO® bricks and toys. Check out the original creations section because it delivers just what it promises: original creations.
Likewise, the Original Programming section has unique television series made from LEGO® bricks. Fabuland ® Housewives premieres here in February so make sure to check back. In the meantime you can see the characters, actors and settings from this highly-anticipated new series.
Check out our removed) sponsored affiliate store or click here to find out other ways to support this site.

Finally, check out our Link Almanac for a detailed listing of the LEGO® fan sites that can help you in your LEGO® hobby.
Thanks for checking out this brand new site and I hope you come back again soon. Happy creating!

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