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Two New Custom Sets!
I've created two more custom sets and put them up on eBay. For more information check out my eBay page. Update: Auctions have ended.
4 Classic Pirate Sets on eBay!
To view these auctions check out my eBay page Update: Auctions have ended.
Added a Scene Selection feature to the Fabuland Housewives Pilot Episode.
In honor of the first episode of Fabuland Housewives I have created three custom sets featuring Fabuland® pieces. Click on any one of the pictures to see more details. You must have a Bricklink account to purchase.
Fabuland Housewives Pilot Episode It's finally here!
Fabuland Housewives' pilot episode has been pushed back to Friday, February 10th. I apologize for the inconvenience.
New Custom Set!
Update: This item has sold at auction. A lot of interest has been generated and I am looking into the cost and legal ramifications of selling more kits of this custom set. Stay tuned for more details...
I've created a custom set and put it up for auction on eBay. To check out the Precinct Headquarters custom set auction check out my eBay page. Also, check out the rare & discontinued page over the next couple of days for some great new finds!
a exclusive!
Free shipping on all LEGO® sets at
Check out some original creations
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