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New Set Review!
7775 Aquabase Invasion
Another Aqua Raiders™ review! I had a little too much fun playing with this cool set! Read the review to find out why it's so much fun...
The tenth installment of Fabuland® Housewives is here. The serial killer has struck again! Everyone in town is affected as several people are rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Mayor Langston starts some shady dealings with the Fabuland® mafia and Marty causes some problems for himself with Lila.

Added new links to the Link Almanac. Check out LEGO® comics, Brick House and Unlikely Society and Joe Meno's BrickJournal...

for those of you wondering...Episode 10 of Fabuland Housewives is currently "filming"...

Update long overdue!
With an update way overdue, another episode of Fabuland® Housewives on the way, several reviews just waiting for the finishing touches and a little surprise this summer on the way, I thought I'd post pics of my 10182 Cafe Corner modifications. I was feeling left out as every other person who purchased this set seems to be posting pics of theirs online. I made a few modifications to make mine unique.
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