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This is my follow-up to Café Corner—
Deli Brownstone: I got a lot of influence in style from the Café Corner, mostly from enclosing every floor and making the building modular. I wanted my add-on to compliment the CC but not mimick it so I chose a building in NY as inspiration. This marks the beginning of a New Town Project for my layout where I will be converting all of my old MOCs to buildings that compliment the CC style of modeling.
The eleventh installment of Fabuland® Housewives is here. Betsy and Randy go on their vacation cruise while Lacey follows the mysterious woman and Lila and Lily fight over Hunter. Payton continues his secret relationship with an unknown lover and Gavin encounters trouble at the hospital. All this and an arrest is made in the murder case...
New City MOC
Two-seater convertible-my entry for a contest on Eurobricks.com
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Fabuland® Housewives bonus episode! Enjoy this short bonus episode (only 18 frames) where Governor Cora and Agent Ernest go over the suspects and the evidence in the Fabuland® serial killer case.
New Set Review!
7714 Golden Guardian
Join the fun as Bianca and Gavin help Ha-Ya-To prepare for an Exo-Force Battle Royale...
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