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New! Fabuland® Housewives
Episode 14
—A Dark Day

The Housewives are back! Another murder and two arrests stretch the Police Department's resources to it's limit. Marcus returns to Fabuland® only to find his friends running from the Fabuland® mafia. And two surprising secrets are revealed. After this, only two episodes left in the season!
Special Bonus Issue of The Many Adventures of the Whacker and the Walrus, "Happy Birthday Ras!"
New Review! 10184 Town Plan—the 50th Anniversary LEGO exclusive set. Check out the new review and stay tuned this week for some more action shots of this set with BrickZone.net's Bianca and Gavin...
New Review! 7041 Troll Battle Wheel a new exclusive set. Check out the new review and the return of Gavin and Bianca in a fun Troll Battle Wheel comic! Stay tuned this week for a reivew of 10184, Town Plan...
The Green Door Tavern—Here is my latest modular town MOC. This is the first building in my Town in Progress project: cleaning and updating Bazooville.
Welcome to a new year on BrickZone.net! There hasn't been a lot of time to ring in the new year and bring you the updates you deserve. But, February will see the return of Fabuland Housewives, a new issue of The Whacker and the Walrus, more reviews and a huge Town MOC project that you can follow, in the meantime, in this thread on Eurobricks! Thanks for continuing to check out the site and we'll see you soon!
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