Fabuland® Housewives Characters—Listed below is the current character list for Fabuland® Housewives. Stay tuned to BrickZone.net® for more about this night-time drama told with LEGO® bricks.
Main Characters
Lily Lamb
played by Louisa Lamb
Lily is married to Marcus and bored with her life. Any attempt at excitement is squelched by her boring husband and his emasculating job as the mayor's press secretary.
Payton Pig
played by Percy Pig
Payton has recently broken off a long-term relationship with Police Chief Brody Bulldog, supposedly because of Brody's refusal to come out of the closet. Is this really the reason or is Payton hiding a secret?
Lila Lamb
played by Lisa Lamb
Lila is married to Marty Monkey who has recently began to keep his distance from her. Lila is frustrated with her husband but committed to him all the same.
Betsy Bunny
played by Bonnie Bunny
Betsy has recently injured a mysterious man, who remains in the ICU unable to tell her or the doctors who he is. Is this mysterious man a stranger or does he have a connection to Betsy's past that no one would suspect?
Gavin Gorilla
played by Gabrielle Gorilla
Gavin is in a long-term relationship with Gregor Goat. Plagued with paranoia and social anxiety Gavin is afraid to leave the house for reasons he doesn't even understand.
Brody Bulldog
played by Boris Bulldog
Brody is Fabuland's chief of police & recently seperated from a long-term relationship with Payton Pig. This private individual is shocked to see his sexual orientation revealed in the Fabuland Times.
Supporting Characters
Bianca Lamb
played by Bianca Lamb
Bianca is married to Evan Elephant. Like Gavin she suffers a mental disorder that she does not even understand. Could it be the result of stress from her marriage?
Marcus Mouse
played by Mitchell Mouse
Marcus is married to Lily Lamb and is the press secretary for Mayor Langston Lion. He lacks the self-confidence needed to achieve the political career he desires.
Gregor Goat
played by Gary Goat
Gregor is in a long-term relationship with Gavin Gorilla. An entrepeneur, Gregor wants to help Gavin overcome his problems, but worries what he might do when he is unsupervised.
Randy Rabbit
played by Rufus Rabbit
Randy is married to Betsy Bunny. Randy knows the mysterious man who Betsy accidentally knocked down the staircase. How far will Randy go to hide the secret the mysterious man knows?
Marty Monkey
played by Mike Monkey
Marty is married to Lila Lamb but is having a secret affair with Piper Poodle. Can Marty have his cake and eat it too? Or will his lies catch up with him in the end?
Lacey Lamb
played by Lizzy Lamb
Lacey is engaged to Dr. Dalton Dog and is the editor of the Fabuland Times. How will her family handle it when her star reporter, Prescott Parrot, starts to dig up gossip about them?
Doctor Dalton Dog
played by Sir David Dog
Dalton is engaged to Lacey Lamb. His wife, Rhonda Rodent, disappeared over a year ago. Rumors fly down Histeria Lane than he murdered her. If this is true, is his fiance in danger?
Hunter Horse
played by Hank Horse
Hunter is married to Piper Poodle. He owns a landscaping business and his own bar: Hunter's Pub. Monogamy is "not his bag" and it doesn't help that he is the desire of every Fabuland Housewives' heart.
Piper Poodle
played by Paulette Poodle
Piper is married to Hunter Horse, but is having an extra-marital affair with Marty Monkey. Devious and cunning, Piper will use her secret to the best of her advantage.
Evan Elephant
played by Edward Elephant
Evan is married to Bianca Lamb. Is he the reason for her mental instability? What secrets does Evan hold in that great big trunk? Only time will tell.
Fenix Fox
played by Franklin Fox
Fenix is dating Payton Pig. Owner of the Fabuland Auto Body Shop, he is not trusted by Payton's ex, Police Chief Brody Bulldog. Fenix carries his wrench wherever he goes.
Mayor Langston Lion
played by Lionel Lion
Langston is the mayor of Fabuland and Marcus Mouse's boss. A target of reporter Prescott Parrot, Langston is plagued by his share of scandal in the press.
Featured Roles
Mysterious Man
played by Rodney Rabbit
Not much is known about the mysterious man who Betsy Bunny accidentally knocks down the staircase of her home. In the ICU, it becomes clear that only Randy Rabbit knows who he could be.
Doctor Paco Panda
played by Peter Panda
Paco works in the Emergency OR at Fabuland General Hospital. Along with Dr. Dalton Dog, Paco is responsible for the care of the mysterious man.
Prescott Parrot
played by Patrick Parrot
This obnoxious reporter leaves nothing sacred as he prints all the gossip about the residents of Histeria Lane.
Holly Hippo
played by Hannah Hippopotamus
Holly is the owner of the Fabuland Cafe. Along with husband Franklin Fox, Holly has run the cafe for twenty years. She and her husband are a prominent social couple.
Franklin Fox
played by Freddy Fox
Franklin is part owner of the Fabuland Cafe. Along with wife Holly Hippo, Franklin has run the cafe for twenty years. He and his wife are a prominent social couple.
Lucas Lion
played by Louis Lion
Lucas is the rookie on the Fabuland police force. Although, in some ways he is still learning the ropes, in a lot of ways he is quicker and wiser than the veteran officers, Bailey & Barney.
Governor Cora Cow
played by Connie Cow
Cora is Governor of Fabuland®. She is one of the only people that can stop Mayor Langston from his dirty narcissistic tricks.
Collin Cat
played by Cornelius Cat
Collin meets Lily at Hunter's Pub. She is instantly attracted to his good looks and charm.
Judge Bancroft Bulldog
played by Baron Bulldog
Judge Bancroft is called in to witness Evan's deposition in the MegaBloks™ case.
Special Agent Enest Eagle
played by Sandy Seagull
Ernest Eagle is brought in to investigate when Cora loses faith in Brody.
Pauly Pig
played by
Rocko Raccoon
played by
Guest Stars
Creighton Crocodile
played by Clive Crocodile
Creighton causes trouble for Chief Brody Bulldog when he robs the Apple Seller.
Barney Bulldog
played by Bertie Bulldog
Barney Bulldog works for the Fabuland® police force as a detective and forensics expert.
Bailey Bulldog
played by Bartie Bulldog
Bailey Bulldog is a detective on the Fabuland® police force.
Walden Walrus
played by Wilfred Walrus
Walden Walrus is the lawyer that Lily hires when Marcus gets arrested.
Mysterious Woman
played by Marjorie Mouse
The Mysterious Woman bears an incredible resemblance to Rhonda Rodent and begins haunting her estranged husband, Doctor Dalton Dog.
Calvin Crow
played by Joe Crow
Calvin is the public defender and Carry-All driver for Fabuland®.
Baxter Babboon
played by Marc Monkey
Baxter is Marcus and Payton's father. When visiting his sons, he is surprised to find out that he is also Randy's father.
Gladys Goat
played by Gertrude Goat
Gladys is Marcus and Payton's mother. When visiting her sons, she is surprised to find out that she is also Randy's mother.
Doctor Candace Cow
played by
Doctor Candace is Gavin's therapist. She has no short term memory.
Gordon Goat
played by
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