Episode Guide Season 1  
Episode 1
Find out how all the madness started on Histeria Lane with this special double episode. Now with scene selection feature for easier viewing!
Episode 2—"The Dinner Party"
A gruesome murder in Fabuland® is making the residents of Histeria Lane very paranoid. Can Police Chief Brody Bulldog pool his resources to make an arrest?
Episode 3—"House Guests"
Piper Poodle causes trouble for Lila Lamb while Lily continues to lose interest in Marcus. Meanwhile an armed robbery in Fabuland pulls the police department's attention away from the murder investigation.
Episode 4—"Shot Through the Heart"
Lily supports Marcus after his arrest while Lily makes a shocking confession to the Police. There's tension between Fenix and Payton while they wait to hear if Brody will survive from his wounds, and Gavin & Gregor's relationship is strained over Gavin's rash decision.
Episode 5—"Seven Little Pieces"
Lila starts to get suspicious of Marty's late nights and puts her foot down. Brody stays with Payton in the hospital while Gregor searches for Gavin. While Holly deals with a tragedy, Marcus & Lily talk to a lawyer and Betsy & Randy deal with the Mysterious Man.
Episode 6—"Snap!"
Lila and Lily Lamb's marriages are both on the rocks. "Roderick" moves in with Betsy and Randy while the Police Department tries to concentrate on solving the recent crime spree in Fabuland®.
Episode 7—"Sex, Lies and Videotape "
Two huge secrets are revealed! Randy takes his brothers camping to discuss "Roderick". The DA offers Evan a deal. How will Bianca take the news? All that and more in this episode where you'll see some residents of Histeria Lane behave in ways you never expected them to!
Episode 8—"Meet the Parents"
Marcus & Payton's parents come for a visit while Bianca and Brody deal with another tragedy. Tension grows between Lily and Lila while Fenix has a secret to keep from Payton.
Episode 9—"Eagle Eyes"
An agent from the Fabuland Bureau of Investigation comes to town to take over the murder investigation. Gregor tries to get Gavin to see a psychiatrist and Bianca gets a little surprise...Don't miss this exciting episode where yet another Fabuland resident falls victim to the serial killer.
Episode 10—"Crime & Disorder "
The serial killer has struck again! Everyone in town is affected as several people are rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Mayor Langston starts some shady dealings with the Fabuland® mafia and Marty causes some problems for himself with Lila.

Bonus Episode! Episode 10.5—"Suspect Re-cap"
Enjoy this short bonus episode (only 18 frames) where Governor Cora and Agent Ernest go over the suspects and the evidence in the Fabuland® serial killer case.

This episode does not have the scene selection feature

Episode 11—"Cruise of Deception "
Betsy and Randy go on their vacation cruise while Lacey follows the mysterious woman and Lila and Lily fight over Hunter. Payton continues his secret relationship with an unknown lover and Gavin encounters trouble at the hospital. All this and an arrest is made in the murder case...
Episode 12—"Confrontations"
A lot of questions are answered and secrets revealed in this episode where another murder and other incidents push the residents of Fabuland® to their breaking points...
Episode 13—"All Tied Up"
Lila continues her descent into madness as a new FBI Agent takes over the murder investigation. Half of the residents of Fabuland® are missing and there are many suspects as everyone fears the killer will strike again!
Episode 14—"A Dark Day"
Another murder and two arrests stretch the Police Department's resources to it's limit. Marcus returns to Fabuland® only to find his friends running from the Fabuland® mafia. And two surprising secrets are revealed.
Fabuland® Housewives Episode 15—"Do You Have Time for a Flashback?"
The Housewives are back! In the second to last episode of the season we take a look back at what happened in the weeks leading up to Presscott's murder and learn more about the secrets some Fabuland residents are trying so desperately to hide!
New! Fabuland® Housewives Episode 16—"Revelations"
In the finale of season one, major secrets are revealed, crimes are exposed and the identity of the serial killer is finally discovered!
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BrickZone.net is pleased to introduce it's first original series:
Fabuland® Housewives
Join Lily Lamb (Louisa Lamb) and her friends, family and neighbors on Histeria Lane. Her neighbor Betsy Bunny (Bonnie Bunny) has recently encountered a mysterious stranger (Rodney Rabbit) who may have secret connections to her family's past. Her brother-in-law, Payton Pig (Percy Pig) has a dangerous drinking problem due to his recent break-up with Police Chief Brody Bulldog (Boris Bulldog). Her friend Gavin Gorilla (Gabrielle Gorilla) is facing a mysterious mental illness that makes him very paranoid and his partner Gregor Goat (Gary Goat) is struggling to cope.

Then there are her three sisters: Lila Lamb (Lisa Lamb) is married to Marty Monkey (Mike Monkey) and feels that he is pushing her further and further away. Lacey Lamb (Lizzy Lamb) is engaged to Dr. Dalton Dog (Sir David Dog) and the editor-in-chief of the Fabuland Times. Did her fiancé murder his wife? And then there's Bianca Lamb (Bianca Lamb). Is her husband, Evan Elephant (Edward Elephant), responsible for her deteriorating mental state?

Of course, Lily's life is no picnic either. Her husband Marcus (Mitchell Mouse) is no longer exciting her the way he used to. But when a mysterious murder happens, does it somehow revolve around him?

Find out the answer to this question and lots more only on BrickZone.net®!

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