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The Random Unnecessaries

Smash Mech and the Inpenetrable Fortress featuring the Pointless Tunnel: Here's that limited edition set from the Block Block Universe. The evil Jocko empire has dissolved it's postal system and combined it with it's evil mecha army. So the drop-off points are in the army's mech suit feet. Even though there is a convenient mailbox right there, people just throw their mail on the ground near it. The smash mech is on it's way to bring your mail and smash you! But don't worry, there's always the impenetrable fortress. It's so impenetrable, there's no way in. You can always go through the pointless tunnel. It leads to nowhere! Wow. You can always rely on your sidekick, the black-armed, red-handed monkey, but he's...busy. He has some bad social habits. Watch out for the evil Jocko-bots and their ray guns. They look like innocent video cameras, but they will turn your hair green...and then disintegrate you.

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