7706 Exo-Force Mobile Defense Tank's first set review. Check out the fun as Bianca Lamb and Gavin Gorilla from Fabuland® Housewives learn how to operate the Mobile Defense Tank...


7021 Vikings Double Catapult vs. the Armored Ofnir Dragon
Includes the story "Bianca & Gavin vs. the Armored Ofnir Dragon"...


7772 Lobster Strike
The first Aqua Raiders™ review on Check out this exciting new line along with everyone's favorite Gorilla and Lamb, Gavin and Bianca. Includes the story "Bianca & Gavin vs. the Giant Lobster"...


7774 Crab Crusher
Another Aqua Raiders™ review! This incredible set is highly recommended. Read the review to find out why.


3828 Air Temple's first Avatar review. Includes the story "Bianca & Gavin and the Fire-Air War" and the new feature "Extreme Brick-Over Temple Edition"...


7775 Aquabase Invasion
Another Aqua Raiders™ review! I had a little too much fun playing with this cool set! Read the review to find out why it's so much fun...


7714 Golden Guardian
Join the fun as Bianca and Gavin help Ha-Ya-To prepare for an Exo-Force Battle Royale...
7786 Batcopter™: The Chase for Scarecrow®'s first Batman review! See what happens when the Scarecrow attacks Fabuland with his fear gas. Can Bianca & Gavin save the day?
7036 Dwarves' Mine
One of my favorite sets in a long time. Check out this fun review, involved story and modification/MOC.
8115 Dark Panther's first review of the new Exo-Force™ Jungle sets. The purple and yellow Dark Panther is a very cool quadriped mech. I wonder how it will stand up to the brilliant offense of the Whacker and the Walrus!!
8118 Hybrid Rescue Tank
Here's another Exo-Force Deep Jungle set. The hybrid Rescue Tank is not only a great addition to the Exo-Force line, it acts as an excellent parts pack for Space Fans. Check out the other cool features of this set and see what happens when Sinner offers a clam cream break to Keiken!
8112 Battle Arachnoid
This is my favorite of the new Exo-Force Deep Jungle line so far. The Battle Arachnoid is very creative and unique in it's design. Check out this cool new creation and see what happens when it drops by Sinner and Hinckley's picnic unexpectedly.
8117 Storm Lasher
Here is another Exo-Force Deep Jungle Robot vehicle. This set contains my favorite mini-robot of the line so far. Check it out and enjoy!
7620 7620 Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase
Check out this excellent new set—the first in the new Indiana Jones LEGO® line!
3830 3830 Bikini Bottom reviews it's first Spongebob Squarepants® set. Check it out!
3831 3831 Rocket RideAnother great Spongebob set! Check out this fun review!
7041 Troll Battle Wheel—a new exclusive set. Check out the review and the return of Gavin and Bianca in a fun Troll Battle Wheel comic!
10184 Town Plan—the 50th Anniversary LEGO exclusive set. Check out the new review and stay tuned this week for some more action shots of this set with's Bianca and Gavin...

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