3830 Bikini Bottom Express
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Packaging & Parts: This set is simply cute. There's no way around that. This set is...dare I say?...adorable. It's a great addition to the LEGO Bikini Bottom world and captures the vehicle from the cartoon very well. Here is a shot of the front of the box and the back of the box, the instruction manual and the sticker sheet. This set comes with three figs: Spongebob and Patrick, of course and the new Bus Driver Fish fig! He has a very cool pink dorsal fin on the back of his head. Here he is without his hat. The new head mold is fun to play with. Here I made a female fish fig and a male fish fig. :D The only really new piece outside of the fish head mold is this decorated tile bus ticket. Here are the set's spare parts.

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The Build: This set is built in three steps. The first part is the ticket machine. When you pull the lever, a ticket comes out! Here's the mechanism behind that trick. The first step also includes a bus stop. The second step is the body of the bus. Orange lovers will go crazy with this set as it contains a lot of cool pieces in that color and also white wheels! The porthole panel piece used in Spongebob's pineapple is re-used here. Six wide vehicles on!! Here is the basic body of the bus at the end of the second step. I'm not sure how successful that windshield design is, but I think it's okay. At least it comes with six transparent 1 x 1 slope tiles! The third step contains the roof and "fins" of the bus. Here is a shot of some of those cool orange slope pieces. Here's the bus with the roof and parascope attached. Finally a propellor and fish fins are added for the conlusion of the third step. Here is the final bus and the completed set all together. Stay tuned for a rating and comic...

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