3831 Rocket Ride
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Packaging & Parts: I'm glad LEGO is continuing with the Spongebob line because the 2008 line, although only 2 sets right now is really great. The Rocket Ride is very reasonably priced and comes with a lot of cool pieces including the great new Sandy the Squirrel figure. Here is a shot of the front of the box and the back of the box, the instruction manual and the sticker sheet. The set comes with three figures: SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy. Sandy's helmet is composed of two transparent semi-spheres that click around her neck. The Sandy head mold is very cool and looks exactly like the cartoon. Here is a profile shot and the back of her head. Here's a shot of Ras in the helmet (notice it fits over the pauldrons and has room for the viking helmet) and a Mars Mission astronaut in the helmet. Although it's not a new mold, we do have this piece in white, which can be used for several different creations. Here are the set's spare parts...

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The Build: The build takes place in three steps, starting with Sandy's ATV. I have a quality issue with this set: I received a misfired piece—the wheels wouldn't fit in because the hole wasn't big enough. Strangely though, there was an extra. Seems like too big of a piece to have an extra, but there was one there...so no harm, no foul. Here is the complete vehicle with jellyfish cage in tow. This set comes with some nice atmospheric scenery. The rocket is a simple yet clever build. I like how the 2 x 3 plates are used to create more "stud area" inside. The rocket is mostly stickers, which would normally annoy me. All the pipes and metal patchwork and even the windows and doors are sticker. Nothing annoys me more than sticker windows and doors...nothing. All right so maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But I admit it works okay here because the set is so cartoony and so are the features represented with the stickers. It makes the set easier for kids to build... Inside the rocket are two cockpits a repair bay and a bed. Here is a shot of the completed rocket with nosecone and stages. The final part of the build is the scaffolding and elevator. The mechanism is pretty simple and clever. Just push down to operate a simple lever. Here is the complete set. Stay tuned for an overall rating and comic...

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