7041 Troll Battle Wheel
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Packaging & Parts
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The Build (Battle Wheel)
Bianca & Gavin vs. the Troll Battle Wheel (Battle Wheel)

Packaging & Parts: This set is marked as an exclusive and comes with three new troll figures and a lot of new dark brown pieces. Here is a pic of the front of the box, the back of the box and the instructions. The most interesting thing I found immediately was a number of pieces in the new brown color. Here you can see the three shades of brown together, old, frown and new dark brown. This is the first time I've seen this technic pin in tan. We've seen this piece in dark-speckle armor in the Knight's Kingdom maxi-figs, but it's nice to have it in this set. This is the first time we're given a flag in sand green. I like the way the new dark brown looks with frown. Here is the new "Supremes" helmet in silver and in gold. Check out the silver helmet on a troll figure and a gold helmet on a troll figure. I really like the new troll torso... We have the usual suspects for the Knight figs... Here's the scared knight with a sword & shield, the brave knight with the cross-bow, and another knight with an archaic hook and chain weapon...ouch! There is a very small offering of extra pieces.

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The Build: The first part of the build is the small armament. It's an unfortunate place for a knight to be stuck to defend against the battle wheel...but, I digress. This whole creation is kind of a throw-away. I wish TLG would be a little more creative with their add-ons. I imagine they're trying to keep the piece count at a certain level to keep the set at a certain price point. However, there has to be something cooler you can build with 50 pieces than a goofy, flimsy, illogical half wall. How did it get there? What is it defending? Don't they realize an enemy can just walk around to get past it? Anyway, it doesn't look bad at all. It's kind of a cool design with 65 degree 2 x 2 x 2 slopes and pearl gold 45 degree 1 x 2 triple slopes. It's hinged which can give it a cool "curved" shape. Here is the completed armament without the curve and with the curve. Nothing special here, but the set's not about this anyway. The meat of the set is the awesome Battle Wheel itself...

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The Build: The second part of this set is, of course, the Battle Wheel iself. The build starts out with the basic T-frame. I love this new brown color and I wish it were more prominent where it's used. In the "crow's nest" it's a little hidden. Here's everyone's favorite goofy gun. I look forward to the day they bust this mold. It's seems so out of place on a castle set. Plus, there's no reason for a weapon like this to have anything that shoots...the little crossbow is especially funny. Here's a good shot of the mechanism that triggers it. As usual, the instructions warn us that shooting the missle at people causes huge yellow annoyed head. The wheels were my favorite part to build! It uses a really cool technique. By the time you get to it, however, there's really only a handful of different types of bricks left... Get used to building these several times. The instructions go page after page of building and attaching them. When you're done with this section of the instructions you end up with these two structures. Then, you roll & click once, roll & click twice, roll & click thrice, and roll & click a final time, and voila! Two full wheels. Attach the wheels to the frame and you get the completed set. I have the trolls who are running the wheels facing the correct way as opposed to the way they are facing on the box and in the instrictions. Apparently, LEGO has no desire to teach kids anything about physics...Here we see the Battle Wheel being put to it's brutal purpose. Run dude run!! Too late! Listen to that "Crunch!" Ooh, Brutal...Ouch! Road burn... Click here to see my overall rating.

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Join Bianca and Gavin in their fight against the brutal Troll Battle Wheel!!!

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