7620 Indiana Jones Motorcycle Escape
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Packaging & Parts: There is certainly a lot to cover here with the new part, so let's get a move on, shall we? Here is the front of the box and the back of the box. I'm sure those two pics will be downloaded more than the fig pics, don't you think? Here we go: Indiana JonesThe two HarrisonsDr. Henry JonesMore IndyThe "not-a-nazi" soldier • The excellent new fedora mold!Indy's shoulder bag-I won't call it a "murse"... • The whip-while you can unravel it, it just recoils-it is not poseable as people had speculated • Colette has a new purseIndy with normal hairIndy with Professor Lockhart hairIndy with Hermione hairHenry with Dumbledore hairHenry with regular bley hairsoldier with a WW infantry headpieceIndy as a knightIndy on a Mars MissionIndy as a PirateIndy as snefroeIndy as Ras 74Henry as an aristocratHenry as a badass wolfpack renegadeHenry on a Mars MissionHenry as a knight

There is a cool new mold for this box piece—I can see using this for some great detail in City buildings. There is also a new window mold being used. I thought, at first that it was just a train window, but it is more like a normal window but without shutter clips and with indentations inside the frame—I assume for glass or shutters. I can't wait to see this mold in use in other sets and what the indentations are for. There is also a new printed map 2 x 2 tile. There are no stickers in this set...And last but not least, the instruction manual. Stay tuned for the second half of the review-the build....

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The Build: This is a pretty simple and straightforward set with some cool pieces. Here is the German Guard's bike, nothing special here, really. Here is Indy's bike with sidecar. This is a great looking bike and the sidecar is pretty ingenious. It only uses a few pieces and has a pretty good scale, considering it would be pretty easy to mess something like this up. I like that it is brick-built as opposed to creating a new sidecar mold. There is a clip for Indy's whip, but I think it would be better to use it for one of the guns. I'm not sure Indy really has time to fasten his whip neatly to the sidecar considering they are running from the German military. Here's a shot of the two Dr. Joneses on the bike. And here they are doing what the title of the set says should be happening: Motorcycle Chase... There is nothing really special about the guard shack except the new molds mentioned above. The gate is just a 1 x 1 modified plate with clip attached to a 1 x 2 modified brick with handle. This is a great set for the price: $9.99 USD-$10.99 at TRU. Great new figs aside—which alone are worth the price—the bikes and sidecar are pretty cool and the guard shack provides a good parts pack.

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