7772 Lobster Strike
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The Packaging
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Bianca & Gavin vs. the Big Lobster

The Packaging: Very cool box art! Great logo, reminiscient of the old Aquazone and Divers' lines. The only thing lacking, in my opinion are photos of alternative models. Sometimes there are none on the box, but some in the instructions and that's not the case here. Makes me wonder if people complained (or even sued) that you can't make all the sets on the box with the pieces that come with the set...stupid imaginary people. Here is the front of the box and the back of the box.

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The Parts: The coolest new parts in this set are the printed helmets and torsos. Not to mention that there are no stickers. For once I don't have to ruin a set with my horrible sticker placement skills. Here are all the parts laid out with the instructions. My favorite pieces are the slopes including the 30 1 x 1 x 2/3 slopes in trans-white. I was a little annoyed with these pre-printed pieces, in this picture you may or may not be able tell that the pattern on the smaller piece is blurry. The figures are very cool: Figure one with all of his gear on, he has a very cool angry expression with chin scar. Figure two is sporting the new printed torsos, which also have printing on the back!

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The Build:I have to say that this was a pretty average build. Nothing too exciting or innovative going on. Mech builders and EXO-Force fans will love the black robot arms used in the claw on the rover. I love that TLC has started building things more practically, as shown in this step in the instructions. By using a Technic pin here, it is less likely that the rover will come apart as you try to maneuver the arms...The biggest downside to this set is the fact that the underwater rover has an open-air cockpit! Boo! That's a full one point deduction from the overall score. This isn't the greatest LEGO vehicle I've ever seen, but I think for the price point, the lobster is supposed to be the feature. Here is the completed rover: nothing special. I don't like when people sound smug so I will add to that by saying, that the rover does not seem over-juniorized and can come in very handy for all of us parts monkeys. On to the lobster...The lobster start looking pretty cool early on. In this step, it starts to look organic. Here is the completed lobster which is pretty creative and makes for an interesting unique model. The only downside I find is that the claws don't have a full range of mobility like I would expect them to. In order for the lobster to look menacing and raise a claw over it's head, you have to remove the arm and turn it 45 degrees.

I apologize for the poor picture quality. I left my good camera at work and am using my old one because I wanted to get this review up ASAP.

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This set is currently available at shop.lego.com
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