7786 Batcopter™: The Chase for Scarecrow
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The Build (Batcopter)
Batman Returns...to Fabuland!

Packaging & Parts: I like the Batman sets a lot and this one is no exception. Here is a picture of the front of the box and the back of the box which includes a fun comic. The comic is great but I'd rather see some alternative models. Here is a shot of the front cover of the instructions. The back cover show an advertisement for the LEGO Batman game coming out in 2008. This set has stickers instead of decorated elements. I prefer printed elements but these are some cool stickers. This is the first set where I've scanned the sticker sheet before using it, in case I ever need it later. I got this idea from someone on Eurobricks and I think it's a brilliant one. The bags are numbered and there are some cool pieces in this set. My new favorite color is dark tan and this set has some cool new dark tan pieces. The fear bombs are loaded with scary new pumpkin mini-fig heads. I can see a lot of MOC use coming from these. This is a great new technic piece which Bricklink has labeled as a Technic connector hub with three axles. This set comes with the awesome Scarecrow figure and excellent blue Batman. The extra pieces are the usual suspects, round plates and technic connectors.

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The Build: I love this little bi plane. Dark tan is my new favorite color and this plane delivers a lot of great new pieces in that color. The instructions start out with timely advice, don't build on the grass and don't mix all the pieces together, open them one bag at a time. I love this new advice page from LEGO. It makes sense that some people don't appreciate the efforts the designers go to to make the build easier, like numbering the bags. So TLC has to go to extra lengths to make sure they notice. Here's a pic of Gavin helping out with the build. This plane is longer than previous bi-planes we've seen from LEGO and the scale looks better to me. The same holds true with the helicopter which you'll see below. I like how they've added the fuel tank, although the realism side of me would prefer a headlight brick that you could re-fuel, I like the sticker here. Gavin's ready to play before we're done building. When building the propellor make sure you leave room between the technic hub, the propellor and the bush to allow the propellor to spin. Here is a picture of the Scarecrow in the finished plane. I love the fear gas canisters! They are quite ingenious the way they're built. The fear bombs are equally cool; they employ a simple yet effective design. The fear bombs are loaded in front of the plane's controls and launched by flipping a little technic device under the plane. Here are some overall shots of this excellent little bi-plane: The frontprofilecool tail designoverhead shotbelly shot

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The Build: This is one my favorite helicopters designed by LEGO excepting only the City & Town rescue helicopters we've seen in the past. This is much better than the Joker's helicopter and ten times better than the silly police and fire helicopters we've seen over the years. Gavin is ready to play before the set is finished. The completed Batcopter is an impressive sight. It is built to a bigger scale than the Joker's disappointing helicopter from last year. There came a point when I was building the Batcopter that I thought, "This is going to be a cool set". There's a very smart design here. Here is a closeup of the cockpit. Batman does not fit in the cockpit with his cape on. Therefore, it must be removed and Batman fits very well, reclined and relaxed. The Batcopter comes with the standard Technic Arrow Launcher. It is also armed with a double barreled machine gun and fingered powered missle fingers. I can't stand finger powered missle flingers, so that gets a big boo from me. Here are shots of the rear of the Batcopter and the top of the Batcopter. The rotors contain my favorite detail: two mudguards form a guard around the drive shaft. And for those who are interested, the underbelly of the beast. Overall, one of the coolest sets I've purchased lately. I really enjoyed the build and playing with the set later. The Batcopter set contains a lot of cool techniques and details, not to mention the awesome mini-figures. However, there is definitely a price difference between this licensed set and a non-licensed set of similar piece count. Overall Rating

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