8118 Hybrid Rescue Tank
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Packaging & Parts: I reall enjoy the Exo-Force sets and this one is the second tank in the series. I like the set a lot but not as much as the original Mobile Defense Tank. This is a great tank and a smart build but the tank looks unfinished on the sides and in back. It would be pretty easy to take it out with some precision shots to it's exposed axles. Here is the usual shots of the front of the box, the back of the box and the sticker sheet. There are also some interesting new molds here. This part may not be new, but it's new to me. These are definitely new molds. I really like the 4 x 4 round plate. Here is a closeup of those great new sloped grill tiles. These excellent new pieces will, no doubt, see great use in Space MOCs and countless other places. This set includes mini-fgis Keiken and Ryo. Nothing new here: normal & angry. The cyclops mini-robot is pretty cool too.

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The Build: The tank is hybrid, I suppose, because the top gunner station is also a flying vessel. It's a pretty cool ship by itself and is very heavily armed with six guns including two rocket launchers. The new round plate is used in a cool turntable technique. A knob from the side rotates the gears underneath which rotates the ship/gunner's station. The frame of the tank itself had a pretty sturdy design using an abundance of technic beams and pins. The guns on the tank are on technic ball joints so they can be aimed in virtually any direction. The cockpit isn't sealed and is actually aggravatingly unrealistic as it leaves the drivers chest vulnerable to enemy fire. Actually the cockpit lacks any controls as seen here where it looks like Keiken is simply pounding a counter demanding food. Odd that Ryo's ship is complete with enclosed cockpit and controls. There are some cool features like the revolving gunner's station. The gatling gun rotates when the treads turn. Here is the completed tank and here is the completed set. The pictures I've seen of this set don't do it justice. It actually looks a lot cooler in real life. As I stated earlier, the sides and back look unfinished and since they're un-armored it leaves the axles and tank frame pretty vulnerable. But it's still a great set. It makes an excellent parts pack for parts monkeys and space fans. Unfortunately for mech fans who don't have an interest in tanks, there are not a lot of joint hinges used in order to modify it into a good mech.

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Stay tuned for an overall rating and fun story with 8118-Hybrid Rescue Tank...
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