The Wayne Manor Building Contest had ended!
Here are the contests entries. As there were only two entries, has awarded both with first prize. Both first place winners have received a $40 USD Gift Certificate to LEGO® Shop at Home. Thanks for making our first contest a success. Great work and congratulations!

First Place Winner!
Tony Varos—The house that Alfred keeps
Also First Place Winner!
Cale A. Broadous—The Ancestral Wayne Manor
My original version (below) had spruce trees in it. I figured if I had left those in and posted it on Brickshelf, some AFOL's would have called for my head for getting people's hopes up that LEGO had started manufacturing them again. Not a great way to make friends...
Click here to see more details of my faked Wayne Manor© set
The Ultimate LEGO Book—A great place for inspiration!
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