New weekly format! See a new part of the adventures every week!
Issue #1:
The beginning of the bucket debacle
Issue #2:
Where bes my bucket?
Issue #3:
Hinckley vs. Copmike

Issue #4: 'Tis the east and Collette is the sun! Special Viking Edition
Issue #5: Nightmares

with additional story and photography by copmike and Ras 74
Bonus Issue:
Happy Birthday Ras!
Issue #6: What's a Tiber? Issue #7: Imitation Anime Hinckley New!
Issue #8: How KimT Stole Christmas

coming soon

The Many Adventures of the Whacker and the Walrus
is a collection of the amazing stories of Hinckley and Sinner's incredible LEGO quests and journeys. From missing buckets and clam to whacks and wedgies, these stories will make you laugh, cry and bid on Fabuland® auctions on eBay.

All characters based on members of So stop by and check out the fun and maybe meet a walrus or a cop bulldog today! All characters used with member's permission.

The Many Adventures of the Whacker and the Walrus is intended to be 90% jackassery and fun and 10% education. Throughout the course of an issue, pick up a little Dutch, French, German or Swedish!

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How KimT Stole Christmas
Siegfried "Sinner" Walrus
Copmike Bulldog
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