HDB Renovation Rules and GuidelineWith Fittings

HDB Renovation Rules and GuidelineWith Fittings

Before you start however, you will need to be certain your tweaks don’t go against the HDB principles otherwise you may be fined up to $5,000 to your unauthorised installations!But HDB renovations aren’t as intimidating as they appear. Let’s walk you through the dos and don’ts of HDB renovation.Before You start with the renovation works, do make sure that your contractor is registered with the HDB as one of the approved renovation contractors. They will need to be listed in the Directory of Renovation Contractors, which may be obtained through the HDB site.This is to ensure that the contractors don’t compromise the structural integrity of the building as they know about the HDB’s renovation demands.

DO notify your neighbours of your renovation ahead

Your Contractor must also exhibit your Notice of Renovation out of your HDB apartment. You also need to notify your immediate neighbours concerning the noisy job and give them a 3 days’ notice.Such functions should be carried out over three days and aren’t allowed on weekends, public holidays, and eve of important public holidays.


Any Hacking, alteration or removal of walls can only be carried out together with the HDB’s approval. Bear in mind that just non-load bearing walls could be hacked. This means that existing reinforced concrete walls shouldn’t be meddled with during renovation works.An expert engineer for structural or civil functions is also required to oversee the hdb approved contractor.When erecting walls, sufficient natural lighting and ventilation should be given if the room is going to be used for habitation.There should also be an immediate fire escape route.

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False Ceilings

While There is absolutely not any need to seek out HDB’s permission for homeowners, ceilings must make sure that there is a minimum clearance height of 2.4m between the false ceiling and the finished floor level. Only non-combustible materials should be used.Additionally, they should not hide any gas pipes.False ceilings aren’t allowed in bathrooms.

Bomb shelters

As Bomb shelters are supplied with steel doors and strengthened structural elements to protect occupants during crises, they are considered a vital structural component of the flat. Therefore, its main structural characteristics walls, floor slab, ceiling and steel door shouldn’t be tampered with during renovation.Any removable fittings should just cover up to 75 percent of the ventilation opening. Permanent finishes and fittings that can’t be removed easily on the other hand, aren’t permitted to be set up in the shelters.If you would like to paint the shelter, make certain to remove the old coat of paint prior to repainting. This makes sure that the coating of paint stays thin and doesn’t interfere with the opening and closing of the door. Any paint functions over the doorway detect, locking bolts or door seal isn’t allowed.

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